Regenerative Orthobologic Medicine


Regenerative Orthobiologic Medicine is an emerging field that attempts to enhance the body’s capacity to heal injured or degenerating joints and surrounding structures. This is done by extracting some of your cells, manipulating them and then reintroducing them back into joints and surrounding soft tissues in order to spur on a healing or regenerative process. Our highly trained staff perform these procedures under ultrasound in order to ensure that the joint or soft tissue is treated appropriately. At the moment, the primary regenerative intervention we offer is PRP. We are working with regulatory bodies to again offer concentrated BMAC (commonly referred to as "stem cell") injections. 

What to expect? 

We want to give you the highest possibility of recovering, which is why we will do a thorough assessment of your condition and compare that to the imaging reports you provide. If we can identify tendons, joints and bursae that may benefit from regenerative orthobiologic injections, we will book you in for a procedure. Lifestyle changes, including exercises, that will optimize the regenerative process will also be discussed with a trained kinesiologist prior to or following the procedure. 

Have realistic expectations and be patient. Because we are essentially "nudging" the body to heal itself; it can take time to experience relief. On average, those that respond to the injections notice some improvement within 4-6 weeks and achieve maximal relief within 6 months. 

Additional Treatments offered at the CAPRI Clinic

In addition to the services described below, we also offer cortisone injections, epidurals, radio frequency neurotomy, EMG and interdisciplinary chronic pain programs.