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Dr. Stanford


Dr. Stanford graduated with honours from Western States Chiropractic College in 2001. 


After practicing for about 8 years he began working with Dr. Burnham as a research assistant on his days off.  This eventually lead to working full time at the clinic and he has been here ever since. 


His responsibilities in the clinic are to interview, assess and assist with the discovery of pain generators so they can be treated by the medical doctors.  He also works in the chronic pain program, which provides patients with valuable tools to become more in control of their pain conditions. Dr. Stanford believes that everyone has the right to pain relief and is committed to working hard to discover possible solutions. 


In his spare time, Dr. Stanford works with his wife on their hobby farm, growing a multitude of fruit trees, berry bushes, and a large vegetable garden.  There is also, at any given time, 20-100 chickens roaming around.  Dr. Stanford is committed to a healthy lifestyle and believes firmly, supported by ample research, that it is an important part of successful pain management.

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