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What We Need to Help You, Help Yourself


The application process depends on which services you want to access.  We have three main areas of treatment:

1.  Physician Referred Pain Management Services:

This is how most of our patients access our services.  Here we deal with many forms of chronic pain that people deal with on a daily basis.  These services are all covered by Alberta Health Care.  You access this type of care by visiting your medical doctor and requesting a referral to our clinic.

2.  Regenerative Therapies

A.  You access this type of care by visiting your medical doctor and requesting a referral to our clinic. Regenerative therapies, like platelet-rich plasma, are not covered by Alberta health care.  Patients wanting to access this type of care for their back or neck need to complete an intake form:

1.  If you want PRP therapy in your neck, mid-back or low back, you need to complete the new neck/back consultation questionnaire.

B.  We need recent and relevant imaging for every spot that you want to be treated.

  • If you’re looking at treatment for non-spine areas such as knees, hips, ligaments, or tendons, please visit your doctor and review the imaging that you have on file.  If you do not have imaging or if the imaging is not appropriate or is over two years old, please have your doctor request new imaging for every area that you want to be treated.  If you are not from Alberta, you will need to bring both a typed report of the imaging and a CD of the images.  Please note that CDs that you get from the diagnostic imaging centres do not have the typed report on them.  Please request that report separately.

  • If you want PRP treatment applied to the discs in your low back, an MRI of less than one-year-old will be required; both the report and the disc.

3.  Multidisciplinary Chronic Pain Program (CAPRI Program)

All of our patients are invited to attend this program.  Even with treatment, few of our patients enjoy pain-free living.  This program is designed to help you take further steps in managing your pain.  Here you will learn how to apply different techniques to take additional steps in addressing the emotional and physical impacts of chronic pain.  Information on this program is available here.

Note: many of our patients have multiple areas of pain.  We will assess as many sites as possible in one visit, but it is often necessary to book another appointment to finish evaluating all of your pain sites.

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