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Non-Insured Services Price List


Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment $400.      

  • $150 for additional areas

Click here to access the PRP pricing detail page.


Durolane (Hyaluronic Acid) Joint Injections

  • $300 (3 ml for large joints - eg. knees, hips shoulder)

  • $150 (1 ml for small joint- eg. toes, hand, wrist)


  • No charge if you bring your own vial 

  • No charge if we write you a prescription and you bring back more cortisone at a later date.

  • $20 if you use our supply (we have kenalog and dexamethasone in stock)



  • $50 Nitrous oxide (This cost is to offset the disposable mouthpiece, nitrous oxide gas and additional staff time)

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