The Pain Reset

Change Your Life. Change Your Pain.

Welcome to the pain reset!


We are excited you are here exploring a new possibility for your pain care. Since you are here reading this we know that you are ready to change the way pain is running your life or you are at least flirting with the idea of changing...


We hope to inspire in you the possibility that you can reclaim your life and reset your mind, body and energy.


We know we cannot offer you a pain-free life because the simple truth is that this human journey comes with pain. What we can offer you, is a journey filled with ways to understand and experience your pain in new ways.


This shift in your experience with pain can be truly transformative. 


Join us and experience the difference.

why your persistent pain


requires a multidimensional approach

  • Because it's not a one size, fits all world


  • One single treatment modality is rarely successful for pain that lasts more than 3-6 months.


  • Persistent pain is complex and requires a multi-dimensional approach.


  • To be successful, you need to address the health of your mind and body. This includes mental health, sleep, nutrition, movement, and yourrelationships 

How does our program work?

step 1


Start Your Journey By:
  • Asking your family doctor for a referral to our program

  • Visiting our clinic for a physical assessment

  • Visiting with our team to ensure our program is a good fit

step 2

Understand Your Pain

We Help You Understand:
  • Pain Science

  • The Psychology of Pain

  • The pivotal role of the Nervous System

  • More functional perspectives of pain

  • The Mind, Body, Energy Connection

  • The importance of relationships

step 3


Reset Your Life Through:
  • Improved nutrition

  • Appropriate Movement/Yoga

  • More restorative sleep

  • Mindfulness

  • Pacing activities

  • Meditation

  • Goal Setting

  • Breathwork for chronic pain

step 4

Keep On Going

Deepen Your Success By:
  • Continual learning

  • Exploring new ideas

  • Continuing with healthy Habits

  • Periodic follow-up with our team

  • Adopting a philosophy of wellness

  • Enduring quest for fulfillment

what will you be learning?

Pain101 Medicines Role in Pain
Adopting Healthy Attitudes
Transforming your Psycho-Emotion Pain
Mind Body Connection
Interpersonal/ Communication

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